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Development Roadmap

Below is a roadmap of important features that we are planning to implement. Not everything is included here, just the ones we are likely to implement in the not-so-distant future. Order and priority is subject to change…

6 November 30, 2018
About the Charm4py category 2 November 21, 2018
Running hybrid mpi4py and Charm4py programs (mpi interop) 3 September 15, 2019
Charm4py v1.0 released 1 September 15, 2019
Charm4py v0.12 released 2 February 7, 2019
Charm4py v0.11 released 1 November 27, 2018
Added interactive mode in charm4py (BETA) 1 November 26, 2018
CharmPy changing its name to Charm4py 1 November 20, 2018