Charm4py v0.11 released


These are the major changes in the new release:

  • Changed the name of the project from CharmPy to charm4py (more information on why
    we changed the name is in the forum).

  • Support for interactive charm4py shell using multiple processes on one host has been added
    as a beta feature. Please provide feedback and suggestions in the forum or GitHub.

  • Uses the recent major release of Charm++ (6.9)

  • C-extension module can be built on Windows. Windows binary wheels on PyPI come with
    the compiled extension module.

  • API change: method Chare.gather() has been removed to make the name available
    for user-defined remote methods. Use self.contribute(data, Reducer.gather, ...)

  • Some methods of charm are now remotely callable, like charm.exit().
    They can be used as any other remote method including as targets of reductions.
    For example: self.contribute(None, None, charm.thisProxy[0].exit)

  • Can now use Python exit function instead of charm.exit()

  • Other small fixes and improvements.